25 Cringey Jokes That Hit the Mark

Sometimes the best way to get a laugh is with a really terrible joke. This short collection of puns and cringeworthy groaners is sure to elicit at least a smirk, and at best a left hook to the jaw.

Honestly, puns get hated on way more than they deserve. They're clever, very brief jokes that actually reveal some hidden connection in the world, all while making you laugh. What's not to like about a good pun?

If you ever meet someone who truly doesn't enjoy puns, it's probably best to just avoid them. They're not gonna make your life better and they also won't appreciate all the brilliant puns you keep coming up with. They'll be no pun at all.

That's not to say regular jokes aren't good on their own, but puns are better than we typically give them credit for. So this post is dedicated to anyone who's ever said or shared a pun. We salute you.

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