25 Dank Memes to Invest In Immediately

These dank memes are heading straight to the moon!

These are uncertain times on the market and here at EBW we firmly believe the best hedge against any market crash is in the meme economy. That's why we've basically put our entire portfolio into it while aggressively short-selling traditional assets like gold and silver. It's an unconventional strategy, but we didn't graduate from Ebaum's School of Business For Handsome Boys to Win Daddy's Love ('Succession' Academy, for short) with honors by NOT being the kind of mavericks who zig when everyone else zags and whose rampant, public self-pleasuring gave a new definition to 'summa cum laude.'

BORING LAWYER STUFF: This is not investment advice, no one here is a financial advisor nor have we ever even BEEN within 25 feet of one. You don't honestly think people who make responsible choices like seeing/being financial advisors end up in places like this, right?
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