25 Dank Memes That Are Surprisingly Dank for Their Age

With the weekend finally upon us, we can't help but sit back in jaw-dropping awe at just how good it is to not be working. It's time to unwind, recharge and restore our laughter levels before the cycle beings anew -- and nothing helps us relax better than a bevy of certifiably dank memes.

Down below is a series of fresh memes that are danker than one would expect from memes so young. They are, indeed, memes dank beyond their years. And for that we are thankful. Let us bow our heads in silence for just a moment, giving thanks to the universe for bestowing upon us these utterly dank memes. We can't say where we'd be without them other than it would be a very dark, very un-dank place.

Make sure to enjoy each and every one of these dank memes irresponsibly. Down them like a can of pringles aimed directly into your mouth, hanging agape like a trough awaiting the dankness. Lean back and let the dankness consume you. And remember there's always more where that came from.
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