25 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

Dank memes. The stuff of life; nectar of the internet gods. The very fluid of dankness that gives each waking moment its true vibrancy. The matter that lets us view the world the way it was meant to be seen. The dankness. The undeniable, unforgivable dankness.

Enjoy, good sirs and madams, the bounty of the internet. These memes are all freshly harvested from the dank backwaters of the internet where an especially dank breed of meme is known to grow. Few travelers make that deep into the swamp to procure said memes, so be to sure to savor ever hit of the dankness.

And remember to spread the dankness. Share the dankness with family and friends. Next time you're having an awkward dinner with extended family, let them look upon the dankness and behold its power. You will be honored by the gods of dankness. This is known.
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