25 Pics Filled To the Brim With Dumb

Considering how stupid the majority of us turn out to be, there were probably dumb humans roaming the earth for centuries before a smart one showed up. The not so dumb folks probably had some good laughs, and plenty of face palm worthy moments watching the rest of us do things that were clearly not a good idea. Perhaps they were just confused at the why and how aspects of whatever silly things we were attempting. It kind of is a miracle that any of "us" survived.

The people in these photos are demonstrating a special kind of dumb that you can't really learn. You have to be born with it and nourish it over years. So let's take a moment to thank all these unfortunate souls for sharing their hilarious mistakes with us online.

And if these somehow aren't dumb enough for you, click here to find even dumber dum-dums acting a fool.
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