26 Memes That Are Hard to Argue With

These are not memes. Well, technically they are, but these are the not the memes you're looking for. They are anit-memes. Memes that don't have a joke in them, and that itself is the joke. Memes that talk straight, and tell it how it is. It's almost like pictures that are technically not wrong, except in meme form. You know, it's hard to argue with these memes, or, memes that only tell the truth. And it's true. These memes are exactly what they say they are.

Most memes are funny, because they take pictures and relate them to daily life through their quotes or pictures. They're funny through their relatability. These memes do the opposite, and instead draw a direct line from the meme to what it's relating to, with no use of metaphor or association whatsoever. Perhaps then anti-memes, are actually memes in their purest form. Check out r/antimeme.
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