26 Strange Coincidences That Drove Four Interns Insane

Reported by: Ed Thomas Date of Report: 29 Aug 2021

Title/Role: Floor Supervisor, eBaums R&D Wing II Incident No:: 14453679


Incident Type: Space-Time Knot [Class 2] Date of Incident: 28 Aug 2021

Location: Nexus Gate 12

Specific Area of Location: Entry Chamber

Incident Description: During routine clean-up at approximately 1800 hours, I called for five of the new interns that were hired to replace those that melted yesterday to help clean up the transmission ooze left inside the Nexus. With myself already naked by the time they arrived, I instructed them to remove their clothes and ensure no metal or other inorganic material was on their person. Several of the interns initially balked at my direction but, once shown the blood-contracts they'd signed to come aboard, proceeded to the locker rooms and undressed. Cleanup took approximately 30 minutes and by 1830 hours we tested the transmission cables to ensure the interdimensional channels were still open.

All seemed well, with the transmission test successful. The first indication that mistakes were made came when we found that the door to the Nexus that should've led to the hallway now led to another, nearly-identical Nexus chamber with its own group of five naked interns and one naked floor supervisor. They were indeed us, with the usual slight variations found in exo-dimensional doppelgangers. As soon as we finished killing them, and cleaning the second chamber, we tried the door again but once again found another Nexus chamber on the other side.

Battle once again ensued, our interdimensional competitors were necessarily killed, and we moved on. We repeated this process several times until our dimension gained dominance and our respective line of causality reasserted itself. Four of the five interns are still having trouble reacquainting themselves with normative reality; the fifth, Jake, showed exemplary discipline and valor in the fighting, as well as above average zeal for killing his rival self. The cause of the space-time knot has been traced back to a nipple ring worn by one of the interns that went unnoticed during the cleanup.
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