22 Cringe Pics Full of Sadness

There are few different ways to feel pain. There's physical pain, in which your nerve endings send pain signals to your brain to inform you that a rooftop and pogo-stick a super-pogo-stick do not make. Then there's the numerous varieties of psychological pain. The anguish of a breakup, a lost loved one, or a dog who ran past you to your partner. These can be excruciating in their own special ways.

And then there's the cringe. The kind of cringe you feel with someone's pathetic and transparent attempt to go viral. Or of someone with an extremely warped perception of how reality works and their own level of entitlement. Or the cringe of a standup comic unable to process that it's not the audience's fault their bombing. Usually.

And then there's the worst of them all. The sad cringe. The sad cringe that burrows deep into your soul, curls up and sobs. That fills you with the ultimate sort of vicarious pain. The one that makes you sigh and hiss through your teeth, shaking your head.
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