26 Weird Walmart People in their Natural Habitat

Walmart can be a wild place at times. It is almost like its own country or miniature ecosystem. Sure, it can be a great place to get a huge variety of different items at a pretty decent price, but at what cost? It seems like Walmart is the one store where people's "give a f**k" meter gets turned all the way down. It is kind of like a zoo for humans, with some of the strangest and most wtf specimens on display, for all to see while you do your shopping. I guess you could consider it free entertainment... that no one asked for.

Did you expect anything less? Walmart is known for its' breed of people that don't sit well in the normal population. Probably because there are so many of them around, the weirdest people find them easiest. The lowest common denominator of human. Well, if you're just trying to laugh at random memes, we've got those too.
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