25 Things That Scream TMI

There is such a thing as too much information, or TMI as people like to call it. These posts are full of TMI, where people for whatever reason decide to give away a little too much either on the internet or through some other easily viewed medium. Perhaps some day they'll learn we don't actually care, but until then I suppose we can laugh at them on the internet. Here are 25 things that are just a little too specific.

Some of these posts seem quite harmless on the outside, just some bored people sharing their boring life with us bored internet onlookers. But they each decided to include some details that just didn't need to be there, or in some cases now require a lot more explanation. Was that their intention? It doesn't seem like it but at the very least, perhaps it makes the post a little less boring, and by extension our lives. Well... maybe not that last one.
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