28 Cursed Comments and Clap Backs

There's something wrong with these comments. Not in the sense that they're not written well, or they're awful in their subject matter, or they cross the line to a certain extent. I mean, yes, those things are all true about a large number of the comments in this very gallery. One this they all have in common is a cursed nature. A troubling devotion to all things satanic. A nod to the Devil. Like these other cursed comments.

That is why we have grouped these particular comments and comebacks together. It makes sense not to let them out in the wild alongside all of the other, more pure and holy comments and comebacks. We wouldn't want to contaminate them with all of this cursed nature. The Devil is a tricky being and a slippery snake, and as he tempted Eve with the apple, he may tempt the other comments to the dark side. Only read these comments if you understand the risk of eternal damnation.
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