27 Fresh Memes From the Dank Side of the Tracks

As we inch ever-closer to the weekend, it's important to take care of ourselves and prevent overexertion. Burning out never helped anybody. And, the best remedy for that is -- of course -- a big ol' batch of danker-than-dank memes. Just one of these obscenely dank bad boys should be enough to take the edge off. So why not take twenty-something instead (a strategy we do not recommend with anything other than dank memes, of course)?

Harvested and bottled directly at source, this blend of especially dank memes comes from a very specific, hard-to-reach valley in the Himalayas where the soil gets just the right amount of sunlight, mountain wind, and -- most importantly -- the fertilizer of an especially dank species of Himalayan squirrel.

Remember to take all things in moderation, of course. Enjoy these dank memes responsibly. And, if you appreciate them, come back for more. Because there is, and always will be, more dankness where that came from. Enjoy.
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