27 Memes That Will Make You Think "Truth"

Sometimes memes are meant to make us laugh, sometimes they help to illustrate difficult stations in our lives, and sometimes they just exist to make us go, "yeah... that right there." This is a group of memes for that last one, a group all about the truth.

This group of memes is about facts and feelings that are indisputable, and therefore make us feel a certain type of happy way when we realize their truth.

There is something nice and comforting about knowing when what's in front of you is true. It removes any shadow of doubt around what you are looking at, and means you can focus simply on life and whatever task is at hand without needing to fact check, or question what might be there to deceive you. This perceived truth is what makes certain religions or cultural customs so enticing, as the people within them see no need to accept them or question.

But our culture is memes, so here they are, 27 memes that only tell the truth.
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