28 Dank Memes to Improve Humor Circulation

The world is indeed a veritable hive of activity. There's a lot for any one primate to keep track of as the only rock in the solar collection with billions of "intelligent" apes rushing around, pitching fad diets and sh*tty cryptocurrencies, lying to each other on social media for gamified points, and working hard to discover new and innovative ways to pack sugar inside plastic wrap at a density just before "black hole spawning territory." 

But there's an alternative: turn down the volume of the world and give boredom a 1-2 punch to the family jewels with this a slew of mild-to-powerful dank memes to keep you going. After all is said and done, each of us requires our different vices to help us cope. And a few dank memes are generally far more tolerable than most.

So sit back and relax while you peruse the dankness buffet we've assembled here. The world will not end, and neither will your deadlines. Take a deep breath, take it easy, and enjoy the dankness.
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