Hilarious Posts and Entitled Neighbors from the Best of Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the neighborhood community app that lets crazy Karens and bored housewives post about the ugly cars on their streets and the sunflower spy plants their CIA neighbors have planted to capture their thoughts. But really, can you think of a worse than being in a community group chat with all your crazy neighbors? Cuz we can't.

While a good neighbor can be a fun person to exchange a brief bit of conversation with, they are definitely not somebody you need to be in contact with anymore than that. That's why they live in a different house than you after all. Even the best of neighbor you would rather have live farther away. If that weren't the case then people wouldn't spend huge amounts of money to live as far away from other people as possible. And those are the good neighbors. What about the crazy ones? Why make it all worse through a silly app?
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