28 Work Memes For When You've Had Enough

Working is just one of those things most of us have to collectively suffer through during our lives. There are some exceptions like those lucky folks who hit the lottery or were born into wealth but for the vast majority of us, we weren't the lucky or chosen ones and are forced to toil endlessly to make the corporate fat cats more money. These memes will distract you from work but are still related to working - that way you don't have to feel *too* guilty about slacking off for a few! You can even show them to Carol in HR.

A batch of funny memes about everyone's least favorite place, that are safe enough to browse while on the clock. Take a few extra minutes on that next break and check out these funny Work Memes to help you get through the rest of the day or having a meltdown and having to deal with the HR Department or worse.
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