26 Broke Memes You Might Be Able To Relate To

Money's a powerful tool. Through the "invisible hand' of the economy, we've watched industries rise (and fall), bringing with them all manner of cool and cringe inventions and developments. Without a system of money, many argue we would be stuck living an agrarian lifestyle, grimly focused on growing enough food and chopping enough wood to survive the winter, every winter. But with money, we are freed to develop other skills to feed ourselves and contribute, like metallurgy, doctoring or pouring all manner of chilled liquids on ourselves on TikTok.

But money's hard. With a glittering supermarket of a world trying to sell you everything, every minute of the day, with the full weight of professional sellers (salesmen?), marketers, advertisers pouring every fiber of their being into convincing you to buy that limited edition triple-chocolate turducken smoothie, it can be hard to hold on to some of that cash.

So a lot of us just kind of wing it. And we figure it out day by day, week by week, or month by month. And these memes down below feel our pain; they know what it's like to on the edge..
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