30 Cursed Pics We'd Like to Return to Satan

The internet is a rather complicated place. It provides literal billions of people here on earth with easy access to nigh-unlimited amounts of information; you can learn just about anything about anything, connect with virtually anyone on almost any topic and enrich yourself with an endless stream of cool and interesting things.

On the other hand, the internet abounds with the weird and rather WTF. Kind of like a jungle, you're just as likely to stumble upon a stunning waterfall or beautiful flower as you are a colony of flesh-eating ants or disturbing water-dwelling parasite.

Thus, it's important to remember that when frolicking through the virtual landscape, to keep an eye out (or closed!) for some of the less-than-awesome sights to be seen out there. Just in case you get too skeeved out by some of the unspeakable WTF-ness down below, we'll leave a little pick-me-up for you right here. Enjoy.
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