Monday Morning Randomness: Mizuka Edition

It's that time of the week again, the dreaded Monday morning. Sadly another weekend has come to a close and is now in the history books. I hope you had a great and relaxing weekend because yet again Monday has decided to rear its ugly head, reminding us of the work, school, and all the 'to-do' that lies ahead of us. As we get ready to begrudgingly make our way through another week of school or work, it's important to take some breaks or time for ourselves here and there to keep us from getting over-stressed out and feeling burnt out.

So that being said let's get the week started off on the right foot. . In this Mizuka edition of MMR these photos and pictures were specifically chosen for the most refined viewers of random imagery, funny memes, and cool pics. So take a little break and check out this big ass batch of funny memes, random pics, and everything else in between that we are sure will serve as a welcomed distraction to keep you from crumbling under the weight of it all.
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