30 Fresh Memes That Stink of Dankness

Stress isn't good for anybody. We end up tightly wound, unhappy. We start lashing out at the people around us, at the people that love us. And just because they're made of legos with a cardboard printout of our neighbor's wife doesn't mean they don't have feelings either -- despite what our therapists say.

We have to find ways to unwind. To take the edge off the day. To remember what it feels like to be a human. To dust off the binoculars and reconnect with the hobbies that make us happiest. To be calm enough to know what bushes are the easiest to hide in and the lines of sight in our neighborhood CCTVS.

And there are few things better at rounding the edges of our day than a bevy of danker-than-dank memes to dive into. The few-dozen memes down below are so dank they stank. Harvested out of the juicy, gelatinous upper-layer of the internet swamp.
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