30 History Memes to Study Up On

Try sharing these choice history memes with your favorite historian or gain some brownie points with your professors.

Maybe send them to that cute girl from your history class that you usually blow off but lately you've been attending more often ever since she transferred in. She seems so attentive every time the professor is speaking so you think maybe you'll gather up some history memes for her because you heard somewhere that making nerdy girls laugh is a pretty surefire way to get them to like you.

So you spend all night studying the memes and that's when you start to notice a pattern emerging, like a ripple through time: all the memes seem to be pointing towards a singular place. You let her in on your theory and the two of you book a flight to chase down this fever dream, arriving at the shores of an ancient Scottish lake. It's about this time that she starts to tell you a longwinded tale about how she's having some tough times financially and if she could get a loan. You're distracted so you say yeah, sure that's fine, and ask her how much she needs. You very nearly don't put things together when she finally responds, "About tree fiddy."

There is no cute girl. You have been duped. This is the Loch Ness monster.
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