29 History Memes That Are Surprisingly Accurate

There are many memes with many purposes. These memes from boredpanda however have a much more useful purpose than just activating your laughter functions. These memes use their classic humor format to teach you about history. And yes, hopefully make you laugh in the process.

Part of what makes memes funny is their relatability, hence so many memes coming in the format of "when this... then..." and so on. They want people who had similar experiences to recognize that, relate to it, and laugh at the humor that experience possess. History memes are relatable on a whole new scale however, as they don't just relate to someone, but to all of collective society. This means that history memes draw on a person's ability to recall their history knowledge, and apply it to the meme they are reading, all while putting themselves into the historical moment. They may just be one of the best formats to absorb historical facts.
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