30 Easter Eggs We Never Caught in Our Favorite Films

Directors are incredibly good at hiding easter eggs in their movies. After all they (should) know the script better than anyone else.

From Tim Burton to James Cameron, there are secrets in hidden in their films that even we didn't catch until now. We all remember Disney placing phallic shapes in multiple early animated films. Pixar is also known for referencing other movies in their universe. Even comedies like 'Joe Dirt' and 'Austin Powers' are throwing easter eggs into shots.

Whether it's an actor's family member sharing the silver screen, or paying homage to other famous films, directors are always finding little ways to play with their audience.

Are you quick enough to catch these tiny details? We've collected 30 minuscule movie moments that we totally missed the first time around. Test your knowledge (and your reflexes) to see if you're at the top of your game. Or maybe you need a bit work.
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