50 Relatable Work Memes that Ring True

Working is one of those things pretty much everyone has to suffer through at some point in their lives. Of course, there are exceptions like those born into wealth, but for the average joe like most of us, its a sad, stark, reality. The weekend is drawing to a close and we will be getting ready to dive headfirst into another week of trading hours for dollars.

So before you have to get up at 6 am and head into the office or job site, take a minute to check out this big batch of funny and relatable memes that highlight the funniest, the worst, and the most frustrating aspects of holding down a 9 to 5 in order to stay alive and keep a roof over your head. So forget about Karen in HR for a moment and have a laugh or two while scrolling through the relatable misery we all share known as work memes.
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