30 People Who Think They Are Better Than Everybody Else

Some people suffer from a little something called "main character syndrome." They are under the impression, or so it would seem at least, that the world is their video game and you and I the unwashed masses that compose its NPCs. To them, anything and everything that happens is either for them, because of them, or in some unbelievable way, about them. What aspect of our society leads it to produce these kinds of cringe-inducing self-righteous over-entitled idiots is beyond us.

All we can do is look and point and say "Wow, that's a really bad, detached and horrible person over there." Whether it's them taking offense to something incredibly small, choosing the worst moment to shine a spotlight on themselves, or thinking themselves many orders of magnitude more important than they really are, each and every one of the people on this list needs a serious reality check.

Let the cringe begin.
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