30 People Who Clapped Back at Online Scammers

Scammers suck. Whether they are bots or real people, nothing is more annoying than getting pestered by schemes so obvious and poorly executed that even your 88 year old uncle could sniff them out. Well, maybe not him, better keep an eye on those myspace messages. Scammers can be the bane of our existence, so these people decided to take matters into their own hands and scam the scammers.

It can honestly be mind boggling that the scams we get bombarded with on a daily basis can work for even the most thick skulled people. Whether it be the single mothers in your area, the phone calls about your car's extended warranty, or the ones entirely in Chinese with lovely background music, it really seems like the scams need a better marketing team. Either way, these 30 people decided they should get back and troll the pesky scammers themselves.
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