30 Text Messages that are Peak Levels of Cringe

Navigating the social fabric of society can be challenging at times. It's easy to forget that not everyone shares the same interests, views, or behaviors. Occasionally people forget that fact and end up turning what could have been a normal conversation into a pit of cringe and despair. Then you have folks who either intentionally or accidentally ignore the cues they've been given and seemingly insert their foot directly into their mouth.

Whether it's spelling mistakes or terrible grammar, or people attempting to roleplay via text messages or while chatting online, sometimes you can feel the awkwardness, even through your phone or computer screen. The images that follow are a bit of a mix-and-match of the previously mentioned scenarios. The worst offenders in my opinion have to be the ones who ignore requests from the other person to act or talk normally and only end up escalating the cringe level through the roof.
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