31 Dank Memes We Can All Abide By

When you're mentally exhausted from a weekend spent as the true self your soul yearns to be rather than the vanquished wage-slave the world has shaped you into, nothing beats a big ol' batch of good ol' dank memes. The internet is full of strangeness of all kinds, some of it amusing, much of it bizarre, but few things are more satisfying — when you're restless and out of stuff to do than that dank meme.

So, for those times when you find yourself aimlessly perusing the internet like a sleepwalker rambling through the woods, make sure to keep a supply of those danker-than-dank memes on hand to pull out and brighten your day.

This collection of amusing and frankly-dank memes was created in the recently rebuilt Experiment Meme-Research and Development Wing beneath Connie's Nail Salon, which is conveniently located near the office. It's been a long time, far too long, since we rushed out of the meme lab after the prototype meme-matter nucleus became unstable and sent the lab and the Connie's above into the meme-stream dimension. 
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