30 Fresh Memes With a Fistful of Dankness

As we roll on into another work -week, staring down all the responsibilities life has unfairly dumped on our shoulders and bounced, it is of the utmost importance that we remember what the driving force of human persistence and aspiration is: dank a*s memes from the everylasting well of dankness that is the internet.

This next batch of memes was skimmed from the very top of the internet, collected and condensed into the dank goop you have before you, and readied for human consumption. Some memes may be danker than others; how dank they are and the special kind of dankness they represent serve as something of a mirror to our own society, a diagnostic reading of how dank we are as a species.

So enjoy them, and contemplate the dankness from whence they came -- the dankness at the center of your heart. And trust that there is always more dankness waiting right around the corner.
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