31 Fresh Memes That Crash Landed in Dankville, USA

As we ease ourselves into the warm waters of a welcome weekend, we should all rejoice over the continued existence of fresh, dank memes for us all to enjoy. Nothing uplifts the soul after a long and exhausting work quite like a delectably dank meme like the ones down below.

It was just last night that the blue-black sky over our farmstead was lit up with a flash of terrible light. Moments later an explosion in our stereotypical wheat field, shockwaves rippling through the tender earth, and one, immense crater where an steroid of dank memes had found home.

We stumbled down the crater's loose, still-hot slope to the glowing body of the asteroid. Our faces illuminated in the dankly-green light, we took to it with chisels, hammers and knives -- scraping away at it, letting the dank dust collect on our fingers and smear across our faces as the frenzy took over.
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