31 Fresh Memes We Found Loitering in the Parking Lot

Memes are, by now, an integral part of anybody's day. Whether they accompany your breakfast as a bid to start the day right with a dab of dankness or a late-night indulgence to help take the edge off the day, there are few things more relaxing than a solidly dank batch of memes when you need them.

Down below are just a few of the fresh and relatively dank memes that bubbled to the top of the internet in the past day or two for you to consume at whatever time of day and in whatever manner most pleases you. We, personally, prefer to consume all manners of dankness in the utility closet at work whenever we can get away with it. Up until the stabbing a few weeks ago, the go-to spot was stereotypically in the alleyway out back by the dumpsters. Get well soon, Kyle.

As you munch, nibble or otherwise ingest the dank memes down below, remember to enjoy them as irresponsibly as possible and ensure you accidentally email the dankest of the dank ones to your entire company and in-laws.
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