31 Fresh Pics And Memes For The Exquisite Minds

Some days, some weeks, when you're feeling down and out, the best thing you can do is indulge in a series of fresh memes and fresher pics. Because, if you've found your way through the labrynth of the internet to this very spot, your mind is most definitely exquisite -- and that means you deserve a dank meme or two. And, even if you don't, you can ahead and indulge anyway. We certainly won't tell anybody.

Down below, you'll find an exclusive blend of relatively dank memes, freshly plucked from our subterranean garden of darkness, with a few fresh pics thrown in to give it a little extra "kick." Because nothing pairs better with a bevy of solidly dank memes than a smattering of fresh pics to uplift your soul.

So, next time you're sauntering through the door in search of an escape, any escape, leave the stolen bags of Reese's you keep in the freezer right where they are and enjoy this collection of dankness. They're zero calorie -- though they are extremely addictive. When you come 'round lookin' for more, though, we'll have you covered.
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