34 Dank Memes and Cool Pics for Your Daily Dose of Randoms

If the day has got you in a tizzy, or perhaps feels like it is just dragging on at a snail's pace with no end in sight, then I have the perfect thing to break up the monotony of the day. Work or school can get quite repetitive at times and sometimes you just get stuck in the rut of the week and need a little pick me up. The weekend is just around the corner and for a lot of people, it's a long weekend due to the holiday on Monday (Memorial Day). So don't get discouraged as you keep on keeping on and grind your way through the last two days of the week, because a glorious 3 day weekend is just waiting to welcome you with open arms.

So zone out for a few moments and check out this great collection of funny memes and interesting images to help make the day fly by.

In case you missed yesterday's Daily Dose of Randoms, check it out HERE
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