31 Barbers Are Getting Fired after This

When you say "surprise me" to your barber, just be sure you're ready for a real surprise.

After 33 years on this earth, I've finally figured it out. The perfect haircut, the right place to go, and the correct person to cut it. I don't let them touch my beard, because I trim it myself. Done and done.

Unfortunately for the people in this gallery, they either haven't found the right barber yet, or their barber isn't being totally honest with them. Either way, it's bad.

We've collected everything from terrible fades, to awful sideburns, to cringeworthy colors. It's the worst of the worst, and honestly some of them are hard to look at. Also can anyone tell me why mullets are coming back around?

I get that fads usually make a full rotation, but I thought mullets (for both women and men) were a thing of the past. To be fair I'm dangerously close to having one myself. So I guess...c'est la vie.
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