33 Funny Memes that Fell Off Twitter's Tractor Trailer

Twitter has many people divided when it comes to their opinion of the social media platform. Some do not like being limited to the 140 word count, while the others don't mind or find no problem expressing themselves in such a short format. Some people find it a useful place for news, current events, sports/ entertainment, and social causes they care about, others find it an overwhelming and exhausting place full of conspiracy theories, the worst parts of political discourse, and non-stop bickering between strangers on the internet. I guess if we're being completely honest it is kind of a mix of all those things wrapped into one platform.

Well, forget about all that jazz as this gallery is only some funny memes and pics that were spotted and saved from the little blue birdie's website. So sit back and relax as you scroll your way into some humor and maybe even have a few laughs.
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