32 Cool Pics and Funny Memes to Slay Your Day

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "A day without memes isn't a day worth getting out of bed for." So here's just one of your daily installments of memes and jokes to keep you awake while your boss wonders what you do all day.

Just scroll to the bottom and pause a few times along the way to give yourself a chance to chuckle here and there. Then you can go to the comments section and see what kind of enlightening discourse is happening there. Fun stuff indeed.

Or better yet, when you're done with this post, find some more memes on the site and enjoy those for a while. Maybe have a nice cup of tea with your memes like the British do. Or you could have an ice cold Baja Blast.

The memes are here for entertainment purposes only, so if any of them offend you, please stop being offended immediately. They're just memes after all, they're not meant to be taken so seriously.

To hit refresh on your brain, click here.
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