27 Clever People Doing Clever Things

These people really think outside the box. That's because they are really clever. Not dumb. Not average. Not even that normal kind of smart where you do quite well for yourself with a job, a house, some kids, maybe a wife who doesn't quite love you anymore like she used to but still enough to want to raise the kids together most of the time. Those people are smart.

But they're not exceedingly clever like these people. No, these people have it all figured out. They have hacked life, and as a result go about their lives on the easiest difficulty. They have been kind enough to share some of their clever secrets with the rest of us. So even if you're normal smart, I advise you listen up. Because these people aren't just smart. They are extra clever.

Also be sure to check out 18 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know By Now. Those are the kids of tricks clever people use too.
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