33 Funny Photos to Induce Laughter Immediately

The world is in disarray. The world is arbitrary. It's filled with, well, every... thing. Everything. Every single that can be called a thing and isn't otherwise completely unreachable somewhere in space is present here on earth. And it's fantastic. There are many strange, fantastic, and fascinating things in the world.

But it is impossible to see everything. Simply said, there are too many of these things. It would take a single individual a hundred lifetimes to experience everything the world has to offer. 10,000 lifetimes. The world is never the same, one day to the next, always evolving like the mold in my 'secret things drawer' at work. 

As a result, your job as a human is to hunt through this chaotic, oversaturated universe for the things that most interest you; and remember:  time is running out. And in order to maximize your existence, it's critical to occasionally experience a diverse range of stimuli—or, if you prefer, a cross-section of what the world has to offer. That way you know which way to look for the cool.
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