27 Bold Faced Lies Told On Social Media

The internet comes with a certain level of anonymity that some people can't handle. They see this as an opportunity to stretch the truth, embellish details of a story, or perhaps flat out lie in an effort to make themselves and their lives seem better than it really is.

If you're going to tell a lie, at least make it believable first. And when it comes to telling lies on the Internet, well the rules there get a little blurred, as who doesn't 'lie' online just a little bit. But if you have to do it, learn from these goofs and make sure unlike them you don't get caught.

And if you think to yourself, know what I could use some more cringe posts to go with this warm cup of joe, don't move, we got you covered.

And if cringe isn't your style, we've got plenty of fresh memes too.
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