45 WTF Things that Nobody Asked For

Creativity comes in all different shapes, sizes, and types of expressions. Much like art, a lot of it can be subjective, and like the old saying goes 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are many different types of products, designs, art, music, etc that are universally loved by many. There are also plenty of things that when you see them, make you scratch your head and mutter to yourself, 'what the fu....'.

These pics are most certainly in the second category. Below is a collection of some of the strangest, ugliest, most bizarre, and truly WTF items that are not only genuinely weird and / or hideous, but they also beg to have the question answered 'who the hell wanted any of this crap?" Again, to each their own but it's hard to believe that while the "artist" or the "creator" of these things ever had a moment where they looked upon their creation and thought "nailed it!"
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