34 Funny Pics That Go a Little Too Far

While these pics aren't, on the surface, very uplifting, the humor hidden within will no doubt give your spirits a much needed boost. Consider these like a Super Mario mushroom for your soul.

The thing that's great about laughing at something messed up is it's both a way to process how messed up that thing is while also not letting it get to you. If laughter really is the best medicine then there's nothing wrong with taking a full shot of it each and every day.

And some of these aren't even that bad. They're actually just pretty good jokes with a slightly dark twist. A "spritz" of dark humor, if you will.

So no complaining if you get to the end and still don't feel anything. Your numbness won't always be fixed by every funny photo gallery. But if you click here the pain might just go away.
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