34 Insanely WTF Haircuts to Baffle You

Hair is one of the most important elements in anybody's overall look. It says a lot about who you are, what you're about and, oftentimes, where you're from. Kind of like the old real estate adage, it's really 'location, location location.' You wouldn't expect a high-powered corporate executive to be rocking a technicolor array of dreadlocks the same way you wouldn't expect a face-tatted Florida man to be sporting something like a sleek and subdued 1950's era pompadour in his mugshot. Your choice of hair, in many ways, is a statement of who you are.

Conversely, sometimes people just don't know how to make that statement. Maybe they just can't decide on the look they want. Or perhaps they, as people, are bold enough to venture into the badlands of hairstyles. Or maybe they're just downright insane, as crazy as their haircuts. Down below are a few dozen examples of when haircuts really shouldn't be paired with the adage, 'just be yourself."
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