36 Service Dog Memes That Want To Be Your Best Friend

What's cuter than a doggie? A doggie with a job. Service dogs are traditionally thought of when thinking of people who are blind or physically handicapped. But did you know that in some places they are using dogs to help veterans cope with PTSD? Or dogs that can smell allergies in food, or changes in a patients blood before seizures or even when a diabetic's blood sugar is at one or the other extreme.

These dogs are often pet and touched by those seeing them, and of course they are going to have a great temperament, but you are interfering with a dog that is not a pet, it has a job, so be mindful and either ask the owner or wait until the dog is passive. These dogs are essential to people's lives, and it is incredible the wide range of roles that they can fill in any given moment.

If you want to see even more service dogs in action, check that collection out, or let out a bork of laughter with some hilarious mutts. But if you are looking for a higher calling, these precious mutts might just give you a spiritual awakening if you see them all.
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