33 Savage Memes Not For the Faint of Heart

As the weekend rapidly approaches (or perhaps is already here by the time you are seeing this) why not let yourself unwind and relax a little bit? The worries of the week are drawing to a close and don't worry we will be back on the same ole mundane grind all over again come Monday morning. Whether it is school, work, or just the chaos and uncertainty of the world, put them out of your head for a few moments because a) they are not going anywhere, and b) you deserve a break and some peace and quiet. So grab a snack or your favorite beverage and ignore the world if only for a few moments.

In this batch of extra spicey and borderline offensive memes, you are all but guaranteed to have a laugh and possibly your jimmies rustled as nothing is off-limits here. They're called dank memes and they make your brain feel good...or question your sense of humor!
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