31 People Who Lack Common Sense

Here are 36 people who lack common sense. These people are not just dumb, they lack the ability to figure that fact out for themselves. These are 36 examples of people texting, posting, or getting memed about not being able to see things for themselves that are blatantly obvious, and therefore lacking common sense.

One of my favorite phrases for lacking common sense is 'having no feel.' Having no feel specifically refers to people who are unable to discern the situation around them, usually socially, and therefore end up making an ass of themselves. They just didn't have any feel. The meme here of Mark Zuckerberg claiming his employees call him the Eye of Sauron in a loving sense, is a prime example of Mark Z. having no, if not negative feel.

Common sense is more than just feel, and some of these people might have some feel, they just lack basic computational powers. But to live in society properly, we need both. So go ahed and laugh at 36 people who have negative common sense.
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