34 Things You Might Really Want to Own

Maybe you have a lot of things, or maybe you don't have very many things at all. Either way it's worth a bet that you probably still want more things than you have, such is the nature of human beings. Here are some things that you might want. Do you need them? The answer might depend on what you have already.

The difference between need and want is a fine line. Certain things we all need, like food, water, shelter, an iced trente butter beer frappachino. You know, the basics. There are wants as well. A nicer watch, a flatscreen T.V., a reclining arm chair, or a new girlfriend because this one wants you to actually act in a manner becoming of a normal human being. But then there are some grey areas. Tickets to a Harry Styles concert are most certainly not a need for me, or even a want particularly. To somebody else they might be a need. The latest Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon? Definitely a need for me. It's all in the eye of the wanter/ needer. Do you need any of these things?

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