39 Memes To Help You Remember Your Childhood

Everyone's childhood is an integral part of their lives, and helps shape them as they develop into the person they will eventually become. Everyone has a different childhood to some extent, but there are some universal truths and experiences that flow through them all. The experiences of growing older, going to school, and dealing with guardian figures. These are 39 memes that encapsulate the childhood experience, and bring us back to the days when all we had to care about was homework, what mom packed for lunch, and the release of the next Bionicle.

Some people look back at their childhood with nostalgia for a time when they had no real responsibilities, and were able to just go about life in that careless and stress free way we all long to recapture now. Some people are glad to be adults with the autonomy that comes with it. But no matter how we remember it, we can all relate to being a kid.
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