38 Liars Getting Called Out For Their Bullsh*t

The internet can be tricky to navigate when it comes to people being honest online. From media outlets and publications skewing the facts of certain stories to fit their narrative to people attempting to catfish others online with fake photos (often of celebrities) to make themselves look and feel better. There's no shortage of dishonesty online or in life for that matter, so if a certain story, social media post, or quote from someone gets you upset it's best to keep in mind it could be bogus and do a little research to uncover the truth.

In this batch of pics, however, we have the joy of watching people get called out on their fake posts, blatant lies, or embellished stories. There's just something so satisfying about seeing someone you know is full of crap, getting called out for it! These People and members of the media thought they were going to get away scot-free with their lies, but instead got shamed in the most public of forums, the internet.
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