32 Dank Memes About As Satisfying As A Long Term Relationship

Memes that are there for you when no one else is, in fact, you can take these memes home with you and they'll cook and clean just be great. Sometimes you need a little boost when no one is around to give it. Being single is a very challenging situation in terms of motivating yourself to do things. Oftentimes a gentle nudge by a partner can be all we need to get our *sses in gear. But at least while you are thinking about your lot in life, you can enjoy these incredible memes that are ALMOST as good as a committed relationship... Almost.

Have you ever wondered the ins and outs of couples sex lives? Curious to see the struggles you might be missing out on. Either way you won't be disappointed with these amazing sexual relationship memes and the knowledge you will gain. Or prepare for the eventual happenstance that you will be in a relationship with these a amazing relationship memes you will just have to send to your significant other.
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