44 Dank Memes to Restore Laughter Levels

The internet is a vast wilderness, populated by an ever-expanding ecosystem of the weird and WTF. It is the black hole at the center of our galaxy from which all matter of dank meme is spawned. It is, quite possibly, the single dankest thing that has ever been wrought by human hands, released upon the earth to become a collective library of dankness for us all to build together.

And thank goodness for it; work would be incredibly dull and productive without the regular injection of dank memes to distract us from deadlines and keep us spinning our wheels in laughter. Imagine all the things we'd get done, the diseases we could have cured without all this dankness to lead us astray. It'd be terrible. We'd all be so focused, safe and successful -- when instead we could be dank. As dank as the day is long, and without remorse.
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